BDS PN Series Balances

$495.00 inc. GST


It is widely applicable across various industries: Gold, jewelry, and silver trading, laboratories, chemical industry, medical, teaching, automation, factory production lines, etc.

RS232 Interface: Can be connected to computer software, thermal printers, label machines, automation equipment, etc. to output weighing data, saving manpower and improving production efficiency.

Anti-overload function: One of the advantages of our products is that the special design and material selection enhance the quality of our products. The thickened stainless steel weighing pan, zinc alloy bracket, four-corner anti-shock rubber sleeves, and the anti-overload function can avoid loadcell damage durina transportation.

Power Supply: 6V Battery + 12V/1Ah Adapter.

Capacity: 3200g x 0.01g

12 Months Warranty


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